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Binoria Senior Citizen Village


The Welfare of our senior citizens is an incumbent responsibility upon every one of us. Islam has taught its followers, the importance of caring for respecting our elders; in fact, Islam teaches Muslims to learn from their past experiences, their losses & their victories. Elders, because of their knowledge & experience command a high status of value within Islam, and just as a man’s age increases, Islam increasingly stresses the importance of respecting & caring for our elders.

The economical nose-dive of today’s world, along with its high prices and impoverished society along with other similar issues are taking their toll & effecting our elderly, not to mentioning the founding of nursing homes and other such center’s, which are becoming more commonly used with each passing day, our elderly are being cot from our societies and being inserted into such homes.

The situation has even reached the point where Muslims are participating in extracting their own elderly folk as such when in reality being enrolled into such a home is a source of disrespect for the admitted. Stories of the pains and dread suffered by the elderly within such homes are well-known, let alone the disgrace they are faced with by their own families in their own homes.

In consideration of these issues, the founder of Binoria International, Mufti Muhammad Naeem has set-up a new department under the Binoria Welfare Trust called “Binoria Senior Citizen Village for our suffering senior citizens, wherever in the world they might live.

A multi-million rupee project that will offer elderly folks, caring for a decent & friendly environment with excellent service.


  1. Any person that is currently admitted in any old house or nursing home.
    2. Any such person, regardless of where he lives, wishing to live a good retirement.
    3. Any such person who wishes to spend his life in a calm & peaceful environment.
    4. Any such person who is searching for an environment contusive for research & studies. If you are one of above mentioned

If you fit the above-mentioned criteria, then the doors of Binoria Senior Citizen Village are wide open for you and you may reap from our many benefits.


  • Excellent living rooms with AC +Heater + Fridge + attach bath + Kitchen.
  • Healthy drinking water.
  • Back up power sources.
  • 24-hour active staff & personal servant facility also available.
  • Delivery arrangement from Binoria restaurant and Binoria supermarket with intercom service.
  • Large pray hall & library
  • Special Islamic Education set up for senior citizens.
  • Possibilities for attending the pilgrimage of hajj
  • Available Binoria Medical Service &Binoria Ambulance Service.

With many other necessities that require our everyday attention. Interested clients should contact us without delay. Rooms are available at @5,000 PKR a month. Reservation of furnished rooms is available against a sum of 600,000.00 PKR as advance (Adjustable).


Those who are interested should fill out our form and send it back to one of the following addresses:

Postal Address :

Binoria International, Near SITE Police Station, S.I.T.E., Karachi No:16 Pakistan.

Postal Address :

Email :[email protected]

Molana Mehboob (Get Complete Information & Admission Details)

(92) 0321 2809322

Molana Ghulam Rasool (Administrator JamiaBinoria International)

(92) 0300 8249884, (92) 0321 2438129

JamiaBinoria International (Land lines)

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