Jamia Binoria International

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Foreign students

This department is specified for students from foreign countries. In this department, good facilities are provided to the students to make them feel they are in their homeland

Level of books

The course of Jamia Binoria has chalked out for the level of books for foreign students is of six years duration. The course is taught in Arabic. The final year course is the level of hadith is done in the department of internal students. Many students who have graduated from the Jamia after completing the level of hadith are serving religion abroad e.g. USA, France, Canada, Britain. The administrator meets those scholars regularly every year when he goes on his visit abroad. Following is the course of the book level in the department of foreign students:

Terms and conditions for admission

Level / Class: learning the holy Quran by heart

Age limit: minimum: 8years- maximum: 12years.
Ability required needed.
Jamia residence.
In the case of the foreign child: presentation of a passport.
Follow the rules and regulations of the Jamia.
Refrain from non-shariah things and deeds, and abide by the shariah.

Book level

Read Urdu.
Has completed reading the holy Quran.
Age limit: 15 to 20 years.
Foreign students must present a passport.
Abide the shariah.
Political involvement.
Follow the rules and regulations of the Jamia.

Online admission

Anyone willing to take part in any of the courses in the foreign students’ department can also submit an online admission form at the following address: