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The devastated Areas of the Earthquake

The Welfare Trust in the month of last Ramadhan sent a fact-finding mission the earthquake devastated areas in the North. The mission made its observation of the need of the people. The welfare cooperated with the people by sending 50 trucks of goods of daily use to the destitute people for their needs every day. The consignment included:  

  • Sheets of aluminum
  • Folding houses.
  • Plastic floormate
  • Blankets
  • Quilts
  • Woolen clothes
  • Tents
  • Flour, lentils, rice, tea, sugar, powder milk
  • Biscuits for children
  • Utensils
  • Shoes
  • Medicines

More than three hundred million rupees goods were distributed to the people of Muzaffarabad, GarhiHabibullah, Mansehra, Butgram, Muree, Allai, and other remote areas by the Welfare Trust.  

The Welfare Trust is in immediate need to run some of the following projects for the betterment of the people who look forward to your help and assistance. Much work is needed to be still done in the devastated areas of the earthquake because:  

  • People have lost their properties.
  • the bread earner of the family is killed in the earthquake.
  • The dowry prepared for the marriages of daughters has been destroyed.
  • The home industry is destroyed.
  • Educational institutions are destroyed.

So, guardians are needed to the desolate houses as the sources of income are finished. Everyday needs such as food and education for the children are non-available. Daughters require dowry to get married. The welfare has prepared a package for the earthquake-affected areas:  

  • Livelihood and provision per house: Rs.7,000/- monthly.
  • Educational expenditure: Rs.1000/- monthly.
  • Dowry: Rs.58,000/-

Cost of house building: Rs.90,000/-