Jamia Binoria International

Famous Islamic Institute And Welfare Organization In Pakistan

(Kutub) Books

This department offers ‘Alim Course (Islamic Scholar). It consists of following levels: 1) Middle. 2) Matriculation, 3) Intermediate, 4) Bachelors, 5) MastersThese levels are certified from Board of Education, Pakistan and University Grants Commission. Students learn here from qualified and eminent scholars in the following subjects:1)Tafseer, 2)Hadees, 3)Fiqh, 4)Usool-ul-Fiqh, 5)Ilm-ul-Kalam, 6)Seerat of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), 7)Islamic History, 8)Ilm-un-Nahv, 9)Ilm-us-Sarf, 10)Ma’ani, 11)Balaghat, 12)Adaab, 13)Mantiq, 14)Falsafa, 15)Geography, 16)Arabic Lexicon, 17)Urdu, 18)Persian, 19)English.