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Rules & Regulations For Female Students

Admission for the Islamic Scholar course (’Alima) is given to the girls of age between 12 to 20 (non-married). For Hifz, age should not be more than 12 years.
Performance of prayers and observing the veil is compulsory for all students.
It is necessary for all the students that they should follow Ummuhat-ul-Mu’mineen (Wives of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him) and the companions (Raziallahu-Anhunn) in manners, actions, conduct, and in the style of their clothing and hair.
Simplicity should be observed and it is forbidden to come to the institution with any kind of makeup, fashion, or jewelry.
Arguing, fighting, making fun of each other, or saying immodest jokes are of bad manners, therefore, it is necessary that they should abstain from these habits.
To honor the teacher and to respect her whole heartily are the most important conditions of gaining benefit from the knowledge. Therefore, it is compulsory that a student should respect all teachers.
To be absent from the class is an unforgivable action. In extreme emergencies, the guardian should send a note. The excuse of sickness will be accepted only if it is not possible to come or there is the fear of an increase in the sickness.
The student must not continue to study any other teachings along with this knowledge because it will interfere in these learnings and the student can be expelled for this reason.
No student is allowed to keep any affiliation with some political or linguistic party. If any evidence or proof is made available of such activity, the student is liable to be rusticated from the institution.
The photocopy of the identity card of the relatives, who are authorized to visit the student, should be submitted at the time of admission.
Visitors can visit on Monday, between Asr to Maghrib only. Relatives can call the student by phone on Monday only.
The weekend holiday in the institution is from Thursday’s Asr to Friday’s Maghrib. Attendance for students in Friday’s Maghrib prayers is essential.