Jamia Binoria International

Famous Islamic Institute And Welfare Organization In Pakistan


Jamia Binoria was founded by Mufti Muhammed Naeem in the sacred month of Rajab 1398 A.H. (1978).
Jamia Binoria has been making every effort for the dissemination of the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. Students from all over the world are getting an education in this institution and this they do after covering long distances and at considerable expenses. Now there are about 1300 day scholars while there are 1000 resident students from many countries.
Many American students learned the Holy Quran by heart and qualified themselves to lead Tarawih prayers during Ramazan. How impressive the scene would have been when these students lead Tarawih prayers to impress some Muslims to the extent that they offer their children admission in Jamia Binoria while some give donations.
May this Institution live long to keep the cause of Islam. May Allah reward all those who are cooperating in this sacred task.
Binoria International is a well-known NGO providing the worlds largest free education with a free boarding system in Pakistan via International Binoria University, also helping peoples through many welfare projects like Binoria hospitalsenior citizen villageearthquake relief medical units for poor peoples and also providing many facilities to our web visitors like eTaleem, eFatwa, Online Qurbani, free book, free audio, free video, proper education on upcoming events

The International Binoria University is a well-known non-profit Islamic institute, were close to over 4000 students many of whom are from different nations, 3000 of who’s expenses for boarding and meals are looked after on behalf of the institute. Binoria also has opened a few different departments in the effort for the embitterment of mankind of which is the Binoria Welfare Trust which helps people on a nationwide basis as of yet with hopes to expand internationally soon. Aides for the poverty-stricken, orphaned child and widowed women, plus relief efforts for natural disaster affected civilians. This trust is also responsible for opening a medical center that aids hundreds of poor and impoverished locals with free-of-charge medicines and check-ups. This very medical center is in the process of renovation where it will have a total of 300 beds to aid and board the sick and will be soon made into a general hospital, in which impoverished locals will get free x-rays, ultrasounds, laboratory tests, blood infusions, and even operations.

The Binoria Welfare Trust in another department is working on a project it likes to call the Binoria Senior Citizen Village, in which such elderly and senior locals will be taken care to whom the winds of social injustices have blown far from the tender caring our seniors deserve, or even such people who have been admitted into old houses and nursing homes where if transferred to our village they will find loving service and tender caring along with a religious atmosphere to soothe the soul and calm the nerves and mind, therefrom they can also partake in the research center that will be part of the village where they can write about their experiences and share it with the world.
The dean of the International University of Binoria having felt the wide effects of today’s poverty, sorrow and grief is now taking another step forward to ending it all and that step is www.binoriaInternational.com which is made for our users of the world wide web to come to visit and benefit from.
Major intentions and goals of this site are…
1.Just as this institute is a source of benefit for the people nationwide, we wish to spread our efforts and reach out to the four corners of the globe through benefiting people online.
2.In an effort to support the awesome projects aforementioned, that is to say, the institute itself, Binoria Welfare Trust, Binoria Medical Centre, and Binoria Senior Citizens Village, we are also making a donation page.
3.To create awareness of the aides required and supplied by Binoria Welfare Trust
4.To aid Muslims living around the world in the religious issues and guide them with the vast oceans of knowledge found in the scholars who teach in this institute and in various institutes like this locally
5.To help with issues concerning our younger generation and offer them online counseling
6.To report and create awareness of the current situation of the institute its dreams and accomplishments.
7.To supply top of the line and up to date Islamic multimedia, anasheed, and lectures from famous scholars in English, Urdu, and Arabic
8.Research on new and oft-occurring issues that couldrelate to you.