Jamia Binoria International

Famous Islamic Institute And Welfare Organization In Pakistan

aims & objectives

  1. To establish a well-woven network of speedy and remedial welfare of the masses in general.
  2. to provide all sorts of possible help and facilities in promoting education, health, livelihood, provision to the needy, the poor, the miserable, the orphan, the widow, the dissolute, and the displaced.
  3. To help and cooperation and coordination in attaining the above-mentioned objects.
  4. To arrange and provide free medical facilities of medication, treatment, operation, and diagnosis to the above-mentioned people.
  5. To arrange training and education of the destitute and the handicapped particularly women and children.
  6. To nurture civic sense in the general masses to enable them to be good and dutiful human beings and citizens.
  7. To inculcate in the masses a sense of responsibility to fight against illiteracy, poverty, hunger, disease, social evils, and natural calamities.
  8. To arrange means and resources for social welfare and run such programs aimed at the well-being of the masses.
  9. To enable the people to arrange and undertake training and sources of their own with aid and assistance to alleviate poverty and corruption.
  10. To help the old, the sick, and the displaced with shelter, food, and medical care.
  11. To enable the people to be self-sufficient and resourceful to overcome disability and catastrophe.
  12. To establish educational institutions, book banks, libraries, hostels, technical and medical centers for learning and training, hospitals for treatment, industrial homes, nursing homes, vocational training centers, and tuition centers for the benefit of the residents of the area in particular and others in general.
  13. To create the spirit of mutual help and consideration with tolerance for each other.
  14. To undertake the arrangements for funeral and coffin carriers for the dead bodies.
  15. To provide stipends and financial help to the orphan, the widows, and the needy students for accomplishing their education.
  16. To collect, receive, accept, manage, and disburse funds, gifts, donations, grants, charity, alms, endowments, and subscriptions for the welfare programs.
  17. To collect hide and skins or any other immovable or moveable property from all sources by lawful means within and out of the country to utilize the same for the welfare and well-being of the needy.
  18. To arrange loans and financial assistance to the people in need so that they should get on their own soon to earn their own livelihood respectably.
  19. To establish blood banks.
  20. To form and constitute committees to settle down petty disputes in the society amicably.
  21. To provide free legal aid if it is genuinely needed.
  22. To cooperate and coordinate with any government, semi, autonomous bodies, and NGOs in achieving the aforesaid aims and objectives.
  23. To struggle to remove all sorts of injustice, discrimination, discrepancy, or-regulatory, usurpation, anomalies, exploitation, and deprivation of human rights.
  24. To fight against violation, negation, and usurpation.
  25. To promote religion and impart knowledge of religion.
  26. To print, publish, and propagate the holy Quran, the Holy Traditions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).