Jamia Binoria International

Our motto

Dissemination Of The Knowledge Of Quran And Sunnah To Enable The Students To Think And Act Accordingly.

Along With The Proficiency In Islamic Subjects Preparing Young Students, Depending On Their Aptitude, In Other Sections Of Religious Activity Such As Teaching, Literary Pursuits And IFTA (Religious Verdicts).

Training ‘Ulama And Students For Propagating Islam On International Level.

Co-Operation With Other Religious Institutions In All Sections Of Religious Activities.

Co-Operation With Other Movements Struggling For The Glory Of Islam.

Revitalization / Restoration Of Past Glory And Unity Amongst The Muslims.

Making Efforts To Reduce The Tension Between The Various Schisms Amongst Muslims And Infuse The Spirit Of Brotherhood Irrespective Of Colour And Country.

Establishing a Separate Cell For Welfare Services.

Assisting Islamic Institutions In The Interior Of The Country.

What We are Doing

(1) Islamic Education Syllabus (Dars-E-Nizami). (2) Intermediate College. (3) Memorization of the Holy-Qur'an (Tahfiz-Ul-Quran). (4) Takhassusat. (5) Specialization Course in Islamic Jurisprudence (Dar-Al-Iftaa Wa-Al-Qaza). (6) Specialization Course In Authorship and Research (Dar-Al-Tasneef Wa-Al-Tahqeeq). (7) Online Academy. (8) Info-Tech Collegiate. (9) Arabic, English and Chinese Language Centers. (10) Holy-Qur'an Recitation System (Nizam-E-Maktab). (11) Binoria Welfare Trust. (12) Binoria Skills Development Centre. (13) Medical Center. (14) Federation of Mosques (Wifaq-Al-Masajid).

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