Jamia Binoria International

Famous Islamic Institute And Welfare Organization In Pakistan

Native Students

This is the principal department of Jamia Binoria. Over 2,000 students are seeking religious education in this department from Pakistan and other countries.

Levels Of Degrees And Courses Of Studies





Basic level of learning heart by the numbers (Hifzul. A’Dadia) 

Witness of learning/Protecting the Holy Quran by learning its heart.

Equivalent to Primary Level

Level: Middle


Witness certificate of Middle

Equivalent to Middle/ Lower Secondary Level

Equivalent; Lower-Middle Secondary

Level Secondary (general)

Duration: 2year
Certificate of Secondary (general)

Equivalent to Matriculation / Secondary Level

Level Intermediate-special


Certificate: Certificate of Intermediate special-Higher secondary

Equivalent to Higher Secondary / Intermediate Level

Level Higher (Graduation-Bachelor)


Certificate of graduation

Equivalent to Bachelor degree

Level Post-Graduate


Certification of Alimia in Arabic and Islamic Science

Equivalent to Master Degree

Level: Tajweed-ul-Quran (Reading the Holy Quran with Proper Phonetic Sounds


Certificate of Tajweed (Reading the Holy Quran with Phonetic sounds)

Basic Level


Doctorate (Takhassus)

Takhassus is for the Doctorate Degree. Students must have completed the ‘Alim course to be admitted in Takhassus, either from Jamia Binoria or from any other renowned Islamic Institution. The course duration is two years. The course of Takhassus is offered in these subjects:
1) Takhassusfil-Fiqh-al-Islami.
2) Takhassus fit-Tafsee
3) Takhassus fil-Hadees

Online Admission

Anyone willing to take part in any of the courses in Native Students’ Department can also submit Online Admission Form at the following address: